Library Policies

Three Fires Media Center Policy

Students in grades BK-2 will be allowed to check out 1 book. Students in grades 3-5 will be allowed to check out 2 books.  If students are working on a project they will be allowed to check additional books out.  When renewing a book students must have the book to renew it.  

Library Overdue Policy
Students will receive weekly overdue slips from the library when they come to their scheduled library time. Students will not be allowed to check out a book until their books have been returned. Students who don't return their book on time will only be able to look at books during library time, not take one home.  

Lost or Damaged Book
If a student damages or loses a book the cost of the book will be fined to the students library account.  A letter will come home indicating the replacement cost.  There are 2 options for replacing the book.  The book can be purchased and brought in or the fine can be paid.  Please make checks payable to Three Fires Elementary School. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Tefft by phone-
517-548-6387 or email at [email protected]