Three Fires Elementary Raises over $800.00 to Support The Howell Gold Cross

Three Fires Elementary Raises over $800.00 to Support The Howell Gold Cross
Posted on 03/14/2017
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3/14/17 - Recently, Three Fires Elementary held its annual coin drive. Every January the school’s student council plans the coin drive and selects a charity to donate the donations to. This year the student council selected the Howell Gold Cross, an organization that provides support to Howell Public Schools families in need as the beneficiary of the fundraiser.

To encourage donations the student council held a Snowman Race. Each student council member decorated a snowman to represent a Three Fires teacher. The snowmen were placed on an alpine race track, and at the end of each week, the snowmen advanced on the track based on the number of coins collected by the different classes. The coin drive began Jan. 23 and ended March 3.

Overall the school collected $887.75 for the Howell Gold Cross. Randi Cheyne’s fourth-grade class collected the most coins and won the alpine race with a total class donation of $265.79. For winning the alpine race, the class will receive either a pizza party or an ice cream party.

“Our annual coin drive was a huge success. The student council did an outstanding job planning the fundraiser and all of the students were excited to watch as the snowmen moved across the alpine track,” said Penny Karaska, Three Fires Elementary third-grade teacher and student council adviser. “There was a clear leader at the beginning of the race. Then with a determination like the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, Mrs. Cheyne’s fourth grade class made a come from behind push to pass the leading class and claim the victory. We are very proud of our Timberwolves and their generous donations to help those in need in the Howell Schools community.”

About the Howell Gold Cross
Howell Gold Cross is a student run organization that was created during the 2012-2013 school year. The Gold Cross is led solely by students in the Howell High School leadership class. They volunteer their time and work to raise funds to provide care for those in need in the Howell Schools community. All of the funds raised by the organization directly support individuals within the district. The organization has provided funds to purchase food, clothes, yearbooks and prom tickets for students. Additionally, it has supported a Howell family after a house fire and provided gas money for a family that was traveling to the University of Michigan Hospital each day for medical treatment